The Problem with Perfectionism: Let it go, mama!

Have you ever held off starting something (like your dream business) because you were scared you couldn't do it perfectly? Or beaten yourself up emotionally because you made a mistake? Or spent so much energy trying to impress others that you aren't actually YOU?

I've been there. In fact, I call myself a "recovering perfectionist" because I used to be far too hard on myself. But I've learned as a mamapreneur to let go of perfectionistic tendencies. There simply is not time to focus on my failings, and I no longer feel I need to.

The problem with perfectionism is it stops us from progress. 

Perfectionism robs us of our potential. And that's tragic, because we can never get where we want to be if we don't take the first step.

It seems our picture-perfect culture is ripe with wanting to look/be "perfect." Filling little squares with posed images causes documented "compare and despair," yet it is still so enticing to put our very best face forward. 

We say, throw that perfectionism out the window. Shatter it, and be surprised at how refreshing it feels to be really YOU.

Listen up: Here's my not-so-perfect podcast interview on Plaid Radio.

In a newly released podcast interview with Plaid Radio, hear my uplifting conversation with Sarah Webb, president of Plaid for Women called, "Perfectionism: If you've got it all together, this is not for you." I think you'll love it. It's one I'm repeating for myself when those perfectionist tentacles try to reach for me.

There's no need to be perfect. Just be you. That is always enough!