We’re on a mission to help women around the world thrive at the intersection of mamahood and entrepreneurship. We’re building a community of mamas helping mamas succeed. Why? With business training designed especially for moms, we want you to have freedom to enjoy family AND your work passion on your terms.


Every mama is different, but we’re guessing either you’re currently employed by someone else, or you’re busting your (honey)buns at home. Maybe a blend of both. Which sounds most like you?
You’re a talented, ambitious career mama who wants to break free from the corporate ladder and enjoy your family more. You’ve got skills, education, and professional experience, but aren’t sure how to translate your strengths into your own business. We have so been there and would love to help. 
You’re a creative, play-at-home mama with big ideas and desire to share your talent with the world. You want to build something that’s yours -- and make great money while you’re at it! You’re ready to learn and take bold action. Let’s get down to business, friend.


Raising kids and starting a business are both labors of love and learn-as-you-go endeavors. Doing both at the same time (and still enjoying your life along the way) really is possible. Every mamapreneur has the same core needs. At The Mama Ladder®, empower your business with:


Apply for the HIGH FIVE Grant for Moms™, a semi-annual $5,000 business grant empowering mom entrepreneurs to make massive impact. Hosted by The Mama Ladder® and sponsored by Belly Bandit, this grant provides economic empowerment for promising mom entrepreneurs like YOU to build your business.


 As moms and entrepreneurs, we understand the juggle between caring for kids and clients. Sometimes we need more of "us" to go around. The best way to do that is to multiply yourself with a talented team.  Work with our approved Multiply Mama™ Dream Team (all moms themselves!) to help you multiply your efforts and GET. MORE. DONE. in your business. 


Join our powerful community of promising mamapreneurs. We're pleased to host #MamaSpringBreak Business & Adventure Retreat in beautiful St. George, Utah. This retreat attracts go-getter women from all over the United States (and even internationally!) who are committed to their family AND their business. Prepare to be powerfully present and bond with other mama movers and shakers. At #MamaSpringBreak™, you'll connect as friends, climbers, and entrepreneurs. You'll come away as alumni in a tight-knit community of support. Our attendees:


The fastest way to get where you want to go is to learn from someone who is a few steps ahead. Through PowerStep Sessions, we help you take power steps towards your business dreams WHILE being the mom you want to be. Our customized business training for moms helps you grow your business profitably.


The power is in your capable hands, Mama dear.

YOU decide what your climb looks like. To help you on your journey, here are our six mamapreneur mantras:


Our 6 Mamapreneur Mantras

  1. Start where you are now. You are enough, just the way you are. Remember, every pro starts as a rookie.
  2. Go at your own pace. Every family and business is unique. Create your ladder to fit your life. It’s okay to slow down or speed up. The trick is to keep climbing.
  3. Create and collaborate; don’t compete. Put your time and energy into joyfully creating. Focus on serving your clients and know there is enough abundance to go around.
  4. Ask for what you want. Have confidence in your services and products, and be bold in asking for what you believe they are worth.
  5. Reach in, reach out, reach up. Listen to the brilliant voice inside you. Seek mentors who are farther down the path. Ask for divine help on the soulful journey of mamapreneurship.
  6. Celebrate every success. No matter how small, be grateful for progress. Expect it. Recognize it. Appreciate it. More will come!


“I love using my professional talents, but refuse to miss my babies’ oh-so-brief childhoods. I’ve been a flight attendant, award-winning marketer, published researcher, and adjunct professor ... and the freedom and possibilities in entrepreneurship fire me up most. Life is too short to live someone else's agenda. So rather than climb a complicated, full-time corporate ladder, I’ve created my own!  I am happier and healthier as a business owner than an employee. I enjoy daily adventures with my two toddlers and work part-time serving my clients. I’m passionate about passing forward business training for moms as a mentor.”

Celebrating words and people are Crystalee’s specialities after 13 years of studying, teaching, and working in professional communication. She studied public relations at BYU's top-ranked program, then set aside academics for wanderlust. Her first job out of college? Free-spirited flight attendant. Her wings took Crystalee to a dozen countries and all 50 U.S. states by age 25. After serving passengers peanuts (oh, so many peanuts!), she would write essays in the jumpseat, and eventually decided to change careers and earn a master's degree. 

Crystalee was hired at a global sales company where she served as editor for the company magazine and wrote for brands like Microsoft, HP, and Sony. While she worked with great people, she felt allergic to the 9-5 full-time schedule. During that time, she attended grad school at Weber State University in the evening. She welcomed her first baby and wrote her master's thesis on maternity leave, which she presented at a conference in Hong Kong, and later had published in an international journal. She became a Mama and received her M.A. the same semester! 

After Crystalee was laid off due to corporate downsizing while expecting her second baby, she had a two-year stint teaching as an adjunct communication professor. She'd always wanted to spread her business wings, and launched Professional Communication Consulting, LLC in February 2016. (Her favorite, most flexible job, ever!) With her team of talented writers, she helps remarkable people and organizations tell their story. A year into her business, after seeking out mentors,  attracting big-name brands, and making lots of rookie mistakesCrystalee nearly doubled her former full-time salary on a part-time schedule. She feels alive climbing mountains, racing triathlons, and adventuring outside with her family. 


“I pursued a career in nursing because I find joy in helping others. I love being a mama. While I've had successes in my career, I find my son's sincere expressions of love and laughter to be more fulfilling than any accolades.  I recognize the potential to do my medical work within the realms of my own priorities. I am creating my own ladder. I look forward to helping thousands of mamas around the world create a business that magnifies their motherhood while still sharing their professional gifts and talents with the world.”


After 14 years studying and working in nursing, one of Lynette’s most memorable career experiences was traveling aboard the USNS Mercy hospital ship to treat pediatric patients in the little-known country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Timor Leste. (Heard of it?) Lynette's first corporate job as a Registered Nurse was with a ranking children’s hospital in the United States. This first job led her to pursue a master’s degree at the University of San Diego as a Family Nurse Practitioner, leading her to meet her husband. Their first baby boy arrived a couple years after practicing full-time as a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. While managing patients with advanced heart failure, heart transplants, and mechanical cardiac support, Lynette had her own change of heart.

Feeling she was missing too many precious moments of her son’s childhood, she backed off her corporate healthcare pursuits to have more control over her schedule and co-found The Mama Ladder™. Mama to two little boys, Lynette is happy to have more time to spend with her family and create a business that fits her life and priorities. A Southern California-born girl, she's a sunshine lover, simple moment savorer, and happiest with people she loves the most.

Advisory Board

Alan E. Hall

Serial entrepreneur, family man, education advocate, community volunteer, and philanthropist, Alan E. Hall has a personal mission to create jobs and lift local economies. As a business leader and investor, he has brought thousands of jobs to countries worldwide over the past three decades. Alan served as founder and managing director of Mercato Partners, a top-performing growth equity venture capital fund.

Alan is also the founder, chairman and former CEO of MarketStar Corporation, a global outsourced marketing and sales company.  With his wife, Jeanne, he gives back through the Alan & Jeanne Hall Foundation with the motto of “no poor among us.”


Jeanette Bennett

Jeanette Bennett is founder and editor-in-chief at Bennett Communications, where she primarily focuses her pen on Utah Valley Magazine, BusinessQ Magazine and Prosper Magazine. Jeanette earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism from BYU and has been a regular guest on HuffPostLive.

Jeanette has a love/hate relationship with deadlines, half marathons and the stock market — and she has a love/love relationship with glossy pages, watching her kids play sports and enjoying Utah’s canyons. She and her husband, Matt, are raising their five children.


Tracy Thayne

Entrepreneur Tracy Thayne is an expert in demand marketing who partners with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to grow their brands, businesses and revenues. After spending over 20 years gaining first-hand experience across all marketing disciplines and in some of the world’s largest companies, Tracy knows how to grow a loyal customer base.

 Tracy works with businesses from the Silicon Slopes to Silicon Valley, helping them understand how their buyers tick - what challenges them and excites them, the experiences they cherish and partnerships they seek. Through his consultancy, Demand Mechanics, he helps business leaders achieve their growth and fundraising objectives.

 He is passionate about his family, friends, golfing and the outdoors.


Anjelica Dezel

Anjelica Dezel is a branding coach and web design extraordinaire behind The Mama Ladder™ brand and website you see today!

With more than 8 years experience in design, branding and strategic marketing, Anjelica specializes in creating websites that are not just beautiful, but optimized to convert visitors into subscribers, customers and raving fans!

The University of Georgia grad has a background in broadcasting and video editing and worked in local tv news and public relations before going into business for herself at AnjelicaDezel.com