#SeeMamaClimb Series: Finding your forever body (and your brand)

It's new year's resolution season, and if you're like millions of other moms out there, you might be thinking more about your body this week. Am I right?

And did you know 91 percent of women are unhappy with their bodies? #sadface

Looking to change those statistics, I'm really excited to introduce this month's #SeeMamaClimb interview.

Author and body love coach Kimberley Record shares how to change your relationship with the scale … forever.

Finding your forever body book

Kimberley's a mom on a mission to build a business that helps women love their bodies. Her new book, “Finding Your Forever Body,” breaks down why most diets don’t work—and how to love the skin you’re in.

At the moment of publishing this post, I have Kimberley's book on my bedside stand. I know her in real life, but it's been such a pleasure to get to know her writing voice. I've personally enjoyed her insight, humor, and research-backed tips that have changed my paradigm about the scale. She's got a really powerful message.

Enjoy this interview (and her book) and let me know what you think!