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What's holding you back in business? Let's dig in, and figure it out together. In your PowerStep™ Sessions with Crystalee at The Mama Ladder®, empower yourself to take the next big steps in your business.

What’s it like to have me in your back pocket? Think for-hire Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who treats your business like her own and loves you like a sister.

You'll come away with specific actions to tackle your greatest opportunities right now. My job is to give you the know-how to make more money while being the mom you want to be for your kids.

powerstep sessions with the mama ladder

Who I work with

Time is precious. I value mine (and yours). So before you read further, let's be clear on who I work with for PowerStep™ Sessions:




Sound like you? Then read on, Mama. 

What you can expect

BEFORE PowerStep™ Sessions, you decide what you want to focus on together. You come prepared with ideas, but are open to an organic flow. I'm here to help YOU with whatever matters most to you at the time.

DURING our sessions, we both show up powerfully present. No kids. No distractions. We use the time effectively, and tackle your greatest needs in business, showing you ways to turn them into strengths.

AFTER each session, walk away believing in more yourself, empowered to take BOLD action with big heart. 


Rachel Nielson 3 in 30 Podcast The Mama Ladder Business Coaching Client

“Crystalee is so knowledgeable and so invested in the success of her clients. When I worked with her as a one-on-one coach, I honestly felt like she was as invested in my business as I was. (I know that’s impossible, but seriously, I think she was pretty darn close!)

She would often say to me, “I was thinking about your podcast when I was hiking, and I had this idea…” It meant so much to me to know that my work was constantly on her mind, and the creativity, insight, and passion that she brought to our sessions was life-giving.

Crystalee encouraged me to see that hiring an employee was an investment that would lead to big returns. Once I no longer had to spend hours on the nitty-gritty of my business, I could hone in on my zone of genius and do the high-level thinking required to really grow and monetize my work.  She also walked me through the process of interviewing and hiring a candidate so I was sure it would be a great fit.

 Without a doubt, hiring Crystalee as my coach and then hiring an employee with her guidance have been the two best decisions I’ve ever made for my business.”  CLIENT VIDEO: Watch 3 takeaways Rachel learned from Crystalee

[RACHEL NIELSON, mama of two, creator of 3 in 30 Podcast]

catherine bennett powerstep sessions the mama ladder

“Crystalee taught me that being a mom gives me and my business even more power because I think and act smarter than other entrepreneurs in order to protect time with my family. I began meeting with her about a month ago and since then established a business name, narrowed down the services I will offer, changed the way I view money, worked with an accountant, started building my website, received my business license, opened a business bank account, visualized my brand, pinpointed my ideal client, and more.

Starting a business felt beyond me a few months ago, but now I'm like, "Meh, I got this." 💪I am so grateful that I found her. Meeting with her is the best investment I made this year. If you have a dream and you are afraid to do it, good. That means you care about it. Do it afraid, damnit.”

[CATHERINE BENNETT, mama of two, marketing director]

heather fuller powerstep sessions

"Crystalee at The Mama Ladder has completely opened my vision and enabled me to dream big with my business and my life! She took the time to really investigate my personal situation, my current schedule, my varied responsibilities, and my values. With her help we came up with a game plan for managing my time in a way that protected what I value most (my family) while still working toward my dream (my business). This alone was incredibly valuable to me and gave me peace of mind moving forward. But she didn't stop there!

She was prepared to discuss specific questions I had about my business and helped me explore ways to improve. I walked out the door with action items in hand and a sense of empowerment. I knew exactly what the next steps were, and how to accomplish them. This was a worthwhile investment in myself and my business.  Through the PowerStep program I have the tools to make my dreams become a reality!”

[HEATHER FULLER, mama of three, owner, The Vibrant Life Studio]

Crystalee Beck PowerStep Session with The Mama Ladder

More about Crystalee

Crystalee Beck, MPC, is an internationally published writer, award-winning speaker, and mamapreneur. She started her first business in 2016 (see Comma Copywriters), and the next year built it into a six-figure company with a talented team of eight who serve world-class brands. She cofounded The Mama Ladder® to pass forward the freedom and joy at the intersection of mamahood and entrepreneurship. Her heart's passion is helping other mothers see their own power and create a life story they love. See more about Crystalee here.



PowerStep™ Sessions are an investment in YOURSELF. When you come open to learn and ready to take action, prepare to create a BIG return on your investment in your business and life. We will have a 30-minute introduction call for me to really listen to your business goals, and decide if you're a good fit for this program. I extend invitations to work with me selectively and do not work with everyone.

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