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It's time to multiply yourself, Mama.

Hello, business mama! We're Crystalee and Lynette,  cofounders of The Mama Ladder®. We're here to help you climb after business dreams that fit your family.

 As moms and entrepreneurs, we understand the juggle between caring for kids and clients. Sometimes we need more of "us" to go around. The best way to do more in less time is to multiply ourselves with a talented team.  We want to help YOU do the same. So we've recruited an approved Multiply Mama™ Business Team (all moms themselves!) to help you multiply your efforts and GET. MORE. DONE. in your business. 

Pick the services you need most to magically multiply your time so you can:

  •  Attract more dream customers
  •  Bring in more revenue (woot!)
  •  Spend more time with your mini home boss(es) who matter most!

Meet our

Multiply Mama™ Business Team

 Approved by The Mama Ladder®, these bright women will serve your business like it was their own.

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Pack Tax with Kristy Pack, MPA 

Kristy owns Pack Tax  and has worked in the tax industry for 11 years, where she has personally prepared over 10,000 business and individual tax returns.  She is a proud mom, stepmom, and entrepreneur, running her own business while three of her five children are still in diapers.  She offers a Tax Prep Package.

Christy Westerfeld

Christy Westerfeld, ESQ.

Found at, new mama Christy is a licensed California attorney and legal resource for online entrepreneurs and coaches. She graduated at the top of her law school class, and focused her legal studies on intellectual property law. She is also a certified health coach, and has been in your shoes starting a business. She offers three helpful services:

  •  Client Agreement Package
  • Website Legal Coverage Package 
  • Legal Consultation Package
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Prevalent PR & MArketing with Jeanteil Livingston & Katie KOiVISTO

With over 20 years combined experience in public relations, marketing, artist management, and web design, Prevalent combines classic PR and marketing tactics with evolving social strategies. The firm was co-founded by Grammy Award winner Gladys Knight’s communications director for 14 years, Jeanteil Livingston, and marketing specialist and web developer, Katie Koivisto. A video Katie created video has reached over 5 million views. They offer three exceptional packages:

  • Public Relations Package
  • Events Promotion Package
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The Biz Runners with Kelli Tobin & Kristen Van Horn

When you've reached your capacity, there comes a time when you just can't do it all anymore. Get help running your biz behind the scenes. Enter, The Biz Runners. They specialize in administrative assistance, social media management, back-end tech needs, and Facebook ads. They offer two valuable virtual assistant packages:

  • Email Sequence Set-Up Package
  • Social Media Systems Package
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Mӓrkit23 with Jessica SToker 

Make your mark. At mӓrkit23 Jessica believes all companies can find success through digital media. She helps companies find connections to their clients and customers in the digital space. From marketing to branding, she helps you MAKE YOUR MARK. She offers three superb digital packages:

  • Google AdWords Package
  • SEO Package
  • Presentation Polish Package
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multiply me! I wanna work with the team

The SErvices

See what our talented team can do for you. A Multiply Mama™ Bundle includes THREE service packages for $997. 

And Isn't it tough to just pick three?*

*By the way, you can purchase more than one Multiply Mama™ Bundle. So go on ... pick six, nine, or 12!

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Just in time for tax season! Prepare my personal and business tax returns and give me professional tax advice. This includes full preparation of personal AND business returns, as well as a 30-minute consultation with a tax pro who’s completed more than 10,000 tax returns. Available only for U.S. clients. (Normally $400, often CPA firms charge ~$700+ for these same services.)

LEGAL services.png


Have a lawyer write a legal-savvy Client Agreement specifically for my business. Give me something I can use again and again to work with my clients. (Normally $400)


Help me protect my website content. Give me the peace of mind that my website’s intellectual property is protected and legally compliant with a privacy policy, and website terms and conditions. (Normally $500)


Give me legal information from an attorney who knows the online business space. Includes a 30-minute call to get information, and have my questions answered. (Normally $200)

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Manage my social media for 30 days, pretty please! Includes:

  • 30-minute strategy phone call
  • Content calendar template
  • Content creation system to optimize my platform
  • Scheduling of posts
  • Graphics creation, up to 5 per week. (Normally $247)


Do the tricky tech stuff for me! Integrate and automate my email sales funnel. Includes a template for each email (up to 6 emails) **Copy editing not included. (Normally $147)


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Help my business reach grow with Google AdWords. Includes a 4-week campaign with full ad creation, monitoring, and optimization with certified Google AdWords professionals. (Normally $399)


Help drive the success of your online presence. This package includes:

  • A complete review of your website for SEO issues
  • A unique and customized step-by-step action plan on how to improve your business's SEO including a useful backlink strategy for a better Google rank.
  • 30-minute one-on-one virtual SEO coaching session

(Normally $499)


Got a speaking engagement or client pitch coming up? This package includes:

  • A full edit of all content (up to 60 slides) with shined up look and feel, to assist you in promoting your message.
  • 1-hour one-on-one virtual coaching session to reach peak performance in any presentation situation.

(Normally $349)

Public Relations services.png


Help me increase my visibility. Includes professionally written press release to promote your company or event. Additional option for a personal and company bio that can be used for websites, social media, community involvement and outreach opportunities. (Normally $600)


Show me how to promote my event like a pro. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Get a 45-minute event promotion consultation to help you rock trade shows, charity events, etc. (Normally $2,500)


client love

We love to help you multiply your efforts, and here's what three Multiply Mama™ clients say about our services.

Testimonial for Multiply Mama with Mommi

"Starting and managing a business on a start-up budget is HARD! I was getting so overwhelmed that the stress was robbing my joy of why I started Mommi in the first place! When I found Multiply Mama™ I was excited but skeptical the services would be high quality with the affordable pricing, but went for it anyway.

I was BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the services offered. These professional women know what it's like to be a mom in business handling 3 kids while taking conference calls. They took away my stress, added amazing value to my business, and helped me feel invigorated again to build something I'm proud of. I'd recommend this package to any mom building her business. Game changer."

ERIN SCHURTZ, Mama of three

Mom in Chief  at Mommi

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Multiply Mama Testimonial with Tinka

"While I love what I DO in my business, I don't always love what I need to do to RUN by business. I feel Multiply Mama™ is such an ideal solution. 

With the multiply concept, it's so much about getting more done in the time we have and creating a community of expertise and support.  But it's also about realizing we can't do it all and can learn to ask for help. By "multiplying mama," The Mama Ladder™ has made it easier and a one-stop way to grow our businesses."


Owner of Solve My Space

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Heather Fuller Vibrant Life Studio

"Do you know what I always wish I had more of? Time. Knowledge. And hands. I could definitely use another pair of hands...

As a mom of young kids and a business owner, these three things are invaluable to me and I never have enough of them! Enter Multiply Mama™. These brilliant ladies are experts in their specific fields, prompt in their response time, and so pleasant to work with. 

They give me more TIME as they clear and complete tasks from my plate and do it well.

They give me more KNOWLEDGE. I no longer have to research and study every new thing. I can lean on their expertise and learn from them!

They give me more HANDS!! Hooray! I literally have 10 more pairs of hands working on my business now! But even more than getting work done, there is a sense of empowerment and boost in confidence from knowing you are backed by a team."

HEATHER FULLER, Mama of three

Founder of Vibrant Life Studio

North Ogden, Utah, USA



SErvices at a glance>>

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Sign up to work with the team

Pick any 3 service packages you need and have top-notch service from professionals ... who all happen to be great moms!

Only open from Feb. 23 - March 5 >>>


Choose any 3 service packages for $997.*

*You can pick up to 4 bundles (Each set of three services is a Multiply Mama™ Bundle.) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I want to use more than three services?

A. It's quite a tasty services menu, isn't it? You are welcome to purchase more than one package of services, but we ask that you do not sign up for the same service twice. (For example, you can't order six videos from the "Video Editing Package." Just one, awesome video!) You are also welcome to reach out directly to the team member offering the service you want--let her know you found her here!

Q. How long do I have to use these services?

A. When you sign up, you will have team members reach out to you within one week. You'll coordinate directly with them, and must schedule your services within 60 days. 

Q. What if I need different services than what is available?

A. We always support a mama doing what's best for her business. The services described above are the only services available through the Multiply Mama™ Business Team. You are welcome to reach out to these team members directly through their own websites if you need a customized service. Let them know you found them here!

Q. When do I need to make a payment?

A. To reserve your services, you need to pay the entire $997 up front, using the link that will be available on this page from February 23 - March 5. 

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. See all details about refunds, terms, and other in our Client Agreement for this program. (It was written by Christy Westerfeld, ESQ., so you can see how watertight her agreements are!)

Q. This is such great exposure for these businesses ... how can I partner with you to be ON the Multiply Mama™ Business Team myself?

A. We're not accepting new team members at the moment, but may open up applications for the 2019 team. The best way to know is to join our email list ... because we give our insiders all the sneak peeks!

Q. I'm not ready for help this quarter ... will you be opening up Multiply Mama™ Business Team in the future?

A. The date for the next launch is still TBD. Get on our email list (below) to be first to know when the team opens up again. 

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