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10 tips for faster, better business writing

Let's give your business writing a one-two punch. Here's your pep talk for better, faster business writing.

First, let's establish that words have incredible power to connect. Writing is the core of building business relationships. When you use them right in your business, you establish thought leadership, build brand credibility, and ultimately attract your ideal clients. 

As a professional writer and editor, I've lassoed sentences for companies like HP, Sony, and Microsoft in my former corporate life. I lead a writing team in my own business. I've also been a university adjunct instructor for communication classes ... so you can say I've picked up a few tricks for punchier business copy. Here are 10 for you!

10 quick tips for better business writing

1. Power-punch your first words. With an attention span less than that of a goldfish, people don't stick around for words that don't grab them immediately. Hit it hard in the first line.

2. Picture your people. Who is the audience for your blog post, email, Insta post, etc.? How can you speak in their language?

3. Stick to your purpose. Don't know why your reader should care? Neither will they. Be clear and deliberate about your message.

4. Catapult ideas with strong verbs. The trick to punchy writing is NOT in adjectives, or the describing words. It's avalanching sentences with verbs that matter. (Notice what "avalanching" does in that sentence?")

5. Write tight. Every word counts! Cut out fluff.

6. Say less whenever possible. Enough said.

7. Type your thoughts. For speedier writing, whip out those words as fast as they come to mind. You can tighten them up after they're on the page.

8.  Pay attention to punctuation. Getting grammar right really matters. Know when to break the rules, gracefully.

9. Dish out to your best ideas. Give, give, give and you'll be surprised at how your writing generosity pays off. People are drawn to caring thought leaders. 

10. Proofread, proofread, proofread. Everyone needs an editor. Double check everything you write before publishing and if it's especially important, have a second set of eyes review it.

Let me know: Which of these tips will you use for your business? Any writing tips YOU would like to share?