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two-comma mamas™

When you blend mamahood and entrepreneurship, you've got a blend for joyous and profitable creation. If you dream of building a million-dollar business while raising your kids, you are in the right place. 

Join our one-year program, TWO-COMMA MAMAS™ to radically change your life, your family, your business, and the impact you make on the world.  This involves transformational 1:1 mentoring from moms who are two-comma mamas themselvesLOVE what they've created and WHY.

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Two-Comma Mama™ Mentors

Meet our Two-Comma Mama™ Mentors. These women have each created a million-dollar business (meaning their business have had revenues of at least $1 million in a year.) They think, live, and give in BIG ways and they want to help YOU do the same.

In our Two-Comma Mama™ Mentoring Program, you have lifetime access to our Ladder Leader Collective™, a video series of interviews with women you see below (and many more!) that you can access 24/7.

You also get four (4) hours of intensive 1:1 business mentoring with the mentor of your choice during the next 60 days.

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Katie Richardson

Mama of 4 | Product Expert

Founder of multi-million dollar baby product empire, Puj (pronounced "Pudge"), Katie Richardson is a mom of four and elite coach for entrepreneurs doing BIG things.


Cydni Tetro

Mama of 3  | Tech Expert

Cydni used to work for Disney, then turned Disney, Warner Brothers, and Marvel into her clients for her 3D tech company. She is passionate about STEM and leads the Women Tech Council.

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Jessica bennett

Mama of 2 | Services Expert

Founder of Alice Lane Home, Jessica Bennett had big dreams of being an interior designer. Now her multi-million dollar business serves high-profile clients.


change your life.

Become a two-comma mama™. 

Working with these expert mentors ranges from $1,000 - $5,000/hour, but you will be getting access to the Ladder Leader Collective™, with more than 15 hours of interviews AND four (4) hours of intensive 1:1 mentoring for only:


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The story behind Two-comma mamas™

Hi, I'm Crystalee! These are my cute kids. And this is my story behind creating the Two-Comma Mamas™ program (and soon-to-be-released book to match!)

After several years in the corporate world, when my first baby came along, I felt so torn. I'd worked hard at my career, earned a master's degree, and won several awards for my work ... but this new precious person was my proudest achievement.

She meant (and still means) the world to me and I refused to miss her babyhood. I arranged to work from home two days a week, but felt I wasn't able to give my best to my baby or my employer. 

I grew increasingly stressed, unhappy, and fatigued. Although I enjoyed my work, I felt trapped in the 9-5 schedule. I was the breadwinner for our family at the time and convinced myself quitting wasn't an option. I thought about taking the reigns and starting my own company, but that idea terrified me. Wasn't there a (financially sustainable) way to enjoy both my baby AND my work?

Then the best possible thing that could have happened, DID happen.

I was laid off. 

I was 15 weeks pregnant with my second baby (see my cute boy in blue!) at the time, and took almost a whole year to focus on my family. My husband and I were both unemployed, and I grew increasingly uneasy about our family's dwindling bank account numbers.

I would stay up at night, worrying about money. 

I felt embarrassed we both had master's degrees, but we were just squeaking by, living on my unemployment checks.

I obsessed about checking our bank accounts, only to see the numbers shrinking.

One day I realized something small but significant: "All we need is another COMMA and we'll be financially free."

I made a quiet but powerful commitment to myself that I'd figure out how to be a two-comma mama. And I decided ENTREPRENEURSHIP would be my avenue to get there. 

I got a business license, and the clients almost magically appeared.

About seven months after I made this promise to myself, I attended a conference where I heard this Zig Ziglar quote:

 "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want."

In that moment, I knew my journey to become a two-comma mama and enjoy financial freedom was meant to be shared. I felt divine nudges, over and over, "Other moms need to know what you're learning, Crystalee" and "you need to share this." Despite my own self-doubts, I cofounded in 2017 to help other mothers climb after business dreams.

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The greatest effort happens INTERNALLY first before outward actions are possible. I worked hard on chipping away at self-doubt, changing my mindset, and learning from successful mentors. Then I took bold action after action on what I learned. 

The past two years my business and babies have grown. I'm using the same skills from my corporate roles and applying them to serving and delighting my own clients. I love what I do. And happy surprise: I make more money working part-time (on my own terms!) than I did in my full-time gig. The best part is I get to enjoy the privilege of motherhood and have fun with my babies every day. I'll never get over how happy that makes me.

It's been a transformative journey for me and my family. It makes my soul sing and I have a deep desire to share the freedom and fulfillment I feel.