eBook: The Mama's Guide: How to Embrace 7 Big Business Fears


eBook: The Mama's Guide: How to Embrace 7 Big Business Fears


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Is there a business budding inside you've been scared to start? Tell that fear to sit in the back seat. Quiet it with a sippy cup. You are the driver of your life, and the journey goes by too fast to miss out on your dreams!

In this eBook, learn how to embrace 7 big fears mamas have when starting a business:

  • Self-doubt fears
  • Time fears
  • Money fears
  • Business fears
  • Family fears
  • Failure fears
  • Success fears

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Reader Love

This is the best read when you feel overwhelmed and scared. I have just started teaching languages online as well as looking after my four boys and I cannot help having fearful thoughts about my future. Reading this eBook truly empowered me to keep on what I am doing despite my fears of failure, money, time and family. I now know I can do it and even if I fail, I will have grown from it. I also liked the recommended readings and the four actions I am going to do to embrace my fears!
- Alice Ayel, mama to four, Language teacher, Germany

"This eBook on fear has opened my eyes to my own fears of growing my business. I am a mama to two kids under age three, with my own independent architectural design consulting business. "Time fear" is the biggest for me. It can be scary to think of how to fit everything in. This eBook helped me realize it's not only OK to be scared -- it's GOOD to embrace my fears and go at a pace that works for me!"
-Tami Martin, mama to two, architectural designer, California, USA

"Thank you for writing such a relevant book. I am surrounded by so many creative and capable women who want to start their own business and/or have so much to offer in the workforce. Some have succeeded and others have been held back because of their fears. We all have to start somewhere, and step-by-step we can overcome our fears and accomplish something great. This book reminds me that we are in this together and it's time for us to take action!"
- Genna L., mama of two, Small Business Owner, USA

“The Mama's Guide to Embracing Fear” is an amazing resource that approaches fear in such a practical and logical way. What mama doesn't love to check things off a list? Breaking down the fears one by one makes the hurdles so much less overwhelming and easier to overcome. It's a wonderful tool for any new mamapreneur!"
-Kryssie, mama to 3 littles, Photographer and Creative Consultant, Purple Pineapple Creative, California, USA

"If this book teaches you anything, it's that fear is not the boss of you. The Mama's Guide to Embracing Fear e-book is a practical, inspiring, read, chock-full of enlightening research and realistic help. Best of all, it puts fear in perspective, and puts you in the driver's seat--free to take risks and go for your dreams." 
-Anne H., mama of two, freelance writer and editor, Utah, USA

"Sometimes the first big hurdle we need to jump when it comes to facing our fears is to realize we are not alone. Not only does The Mama's Guide give practical advice and realistic action steps to take, it also provided me with a much needed view into the resources and community that are available to mamas everywhere. This was a great (and quick!) read that I am excited to have in my personal library as I figure out how to climb my own mama ladder."

-Keala C., first year mama, lifelong creative, Texas, USA

What was once an inability to 'get started' on business projects, I have realized was a flight response to the fears I had in starting my own business. After reading The Mama's Guide Fear eBook, I not only better understood why I was feeling fearful, but was also can identify and stop the behaviors that contributed to my fearfulness. The Fear eBook is a concise and pragmatic tool I would recommend to any mother considering a new business venture.

- Whitney D., mama of two, web developer, Illinois, USA