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Multiply Yourself, Mama. 

Between your babies and your business, ever wish you could clone yourself to get more done in a day? Wouldn't it be nice to have an expert team magically appear to help with the parts of your business you don't know how to do or struggle with?

We hear you, Mama friend! *Wish granted.* In our Multiply Yourself, Multiply Your Business™ 5-Day Challenge, you'll learn from a team of experts how to multiply efforts in key areas of your business: time, visibility, (legal) peace of mind, team, and revenue.

Multiply Yourself Multiply Your Business

Join us for 5 days of multiplying your business: February 19-23, 2018

There's only so much of you to go around, right? Our goal is to help you learn ways to check off those pesky items that stay on your to-do list forever because you don't know where to start. Meet the business experts we've lined up for you:

Multiply Your Time

  Monday, Feb. 19

Multiply Your Time

To kick off, we're sharing specific ways we've learned to multiply what can be done in business ... in our case, that means only working part-time hours. Two-time business owner Crystalee Beck from  The Mama Ladder™ will send you "The Mamapreneur's Checklist: Multiply Your Business without Minimizing Your Family."


Tuesday, Feb. 20

Multiply your Visibility

Want your business to be seen this year? Learn how you can multiply visibility from expert Jeanteil Livingston of Prevalent PR & Marketing. Livingston is a veteran in the PR & entertainment industry, working with Gladys Knight’s management team for over 14 years. (And bring your questions for a live Q & A!)


  WeDnesday, Feb. 21

Multiply your (Legal)peace of mind

Protecting your business doesn't have to be scary. (In fact, it's a lot scarier without knowing you're covered!) Come ready to get your legal questions answered in a 30-minute session with with lawyer Christy Westerfeld, ESQ.


Thursday, Feb. 22 

Multiply your team

Do you feel overwhelmed with "all the things" in your biz? Don't know where to start to create systems so your business works for you? Join a live presentation from Kelli Tobin, cofounder of The Biz Runners, who will share simple ways you can multiply your team, without breaking the bank.


Friday, Feb. 23 

Multiply Your revenue

Make and keep more money, mama! Sometimes what we *don't* know about business taxes can really cost us. Learn from Kristy Pack, cofounder of Pack Tax, who's helped companies and individuals with more than 10,000 tax returns. Bring your tax questions. And let's all say CHA-Ching!

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we're All Mamapreneurs here. 

We get what it's like to wipe little noses while trying to send client emails. We're doing it too. Every expert featured during the Multiply Yourself, Multiply Your Business Challenge is a mama in business, raising her family while building her company.

Join us. Each challenge day takes 30 minutes or less of your precious time. Gain specific strategies to multiply yourself in your business, no cloning machine needed. 

On the last day (Feb. 23), registration will open for a limited time for our approved Multiply Mama™ Business Team. Their expert services help you multiply your time so you can:

  •  Attract more dream customers
  •   Bring in more revenue (woot!)
  •  Spend more time with your mini home boss(es) who matter most!
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